Horti, Eddie, and Mitchell (Poquito Hut live filming)

by Jeff Hortillosa

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A few friends met for some Sunday beers, put two microphones in the room, and let the cameras roll.


released January 25, 2016

Eddie "Holy Shit" Dickerson
Mitchell "Hungry as a Horse" Vanderburg

Film production by
John Valley



all rights reserved


Horti Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Horti - Flashlight / J'attendrai
I wish I was a baby,
I wish I had a baby,
I wish I was what I want.
Well baby that'd be crazy!

I wish I had a flaslight, I'd hope it wasn't too heavy
to sneak into the parking lot
and throw it at some mall cops.

I wish i had some tin foil, so my burrito won't spoil,
cause I don't have some clean plates...
...i wish i had some clean sponges.

Yeah yeah, oh yeah. Yeah yeah, oh no.

I wish I had a decoy for all the girls that use boys,
cause I don't give a free ride if I don't see the inside.

I wish I had a blowjob!

Yeah yeah, oh yeah, yeah yeah, oh no.


Le jour et la nuit
J'attendrai toujours
Ton retour

Car l'oiseau qui s'enfuit
Vient chercher l'oubli
Dans son nid

Le temps passe et court
En battant tristement
Dans mon coeur si lourd
Et pourtant, j'attendrai ton retour
Track Name: Honeysuckle Rose
Every honeybee fills with jealousy when they see you out with me,
my confection, goodness knows,
my honeysuckle rose.

When you're passin by flowers droop and sigh and I know the reason why
you're much sweeter, goodness knows,
my honeysuckle rose.

I don't buy sugar, you just have to touch my cup,
you're my sugar, so sweet when you stir it up.

When I'm takin sips from those tasty lips seems the honey fairly drips
my confection goodness knows,
my honeysuckle rose.
Track Name: Why Ya Been Gone So Long?
Everytime it rains, oh Lord,
well I run to my window.
I just sit and wring my hands and moan.
Can't you hear the thunder, Lord?
Can't you listen to that wind blow,
tell me baby now,
Why ya been gone so long?

Tell me baby now, why ya been gone so long,
you been gone so long now.
Tell me baby now, why ya been gone so long?
The wolf is scratching at my door, lord lord,
can't you hear that lonesome wind moan,
tell me baby now why ya been gone so long?

Somebody said they thought they saw you
roamin down in Reno,
with a big old man from San Antone.
They tell me I'm a fool to pine for you,
but what do they know?
Tell me baby now,
why ya been gone so long?

AIn't nothin to do, Lord,
so I guess I'll just get stoned
and let the past paint pictures in my head.
Kill a fifth of Thunderbird
and try to write a sad, sad song.
Tell me baby now,
why ya been gone so long?